So what is Healing Balance Therapy?

So what is Healing Balance Therapy? Well, we help to heal the body by balancing mind, body, spirit and therapy, well that speaks for itself. I will use a combination of some or all of the healing modalities I have been trained in depending on your needs and preferences. In this way your body can decide what it needs and take from me what it wants.

Releasing old…

I took the jump, that leap of faith, that OMG moment I’ve done it. Done what you may ask? Well I have left the Finance industry, it’s only taking me nearly 6 years but everything is divine timing right?

Pet Bereavement or as I like to say Animal Friend Bereavement

Grief is devastating, and this is the case regardless of whether it’s a human or animal. Our animal friends are our family too and to some they are the only family that they have.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, cat, a small furry animal or a horse, size is irrelevant it’s the connection we have with them, the bond, that bond that is so deep that only you can truly understand.

What is Healing Balance Therapy?
I feel good today

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About Julie

I do what I do because I love what I do, but I say to clients yes I can get you to the best place you can be but you too need to take responsibility for the changes that need to happen too. It is a two way process, never easy but so worth it in the end. Together we will face these challenges and with every small step you take it’s a huge shift in your well-being.

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