New Business Venture – Healthy Keto Lifestyle

Hi everyone, you may have seen loads of posts on social media about Healthy Keto Lifestyle.  I have joined forces with my partner Gary, Head Keto Coach and Danny, Keto Chef to help people with weight loss and so much more.

The dynamics of it all are amazing, Gary explains all things Keto and how to live it and Danny, he cooks and shows you how easy it can be.  Me, well I help change your mindset to one that is positive and empowering.

The more I get into this lifestyle and gain more knowledge it becomes even more of a fascinating subject.  There is so much to Healthy Keto Lifestyle but if you do it right, it can be your ‘Life Style’ too.

So, what do I love most about it, well everything but especially the Intermittent Fasting.  This is a huge part of living the Healthy Keto Lifestyle, you cannot do Keto without fasting, both go hand in hand.  By not eating for a minimum of 18 hours (which seems a long time but it really isnt’) gives your body the opportunity to clean up the body, something that it is designed to do so why would you not allow your body to do that.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, from the sold-out event at the Radisson Blu to working with clients who have completed the programme, to working with those just starting out on their Healthy Keto Lifestyle Journey.  What a blessing it is to do something that I really love, something that makes me so very grateful to do what I do. 

Thank you to all of you for making my dreams happen.

Love Julie