To lose a pet can be devastating and it doesn’t matter how much you think you can cope, even when you are a Pet Bereavement Counsellor, it really is a shit time.

How did I cope? well I wrote Liu Liu a letter. It really does help, so give it a go, even if your pet passed ages ago, or even years ago, write them a letter. I wrote mine the day after so still raw.. I don’t mind sharing it with you so here we go, here’s mine…

Dear Liu Liu

Liu Liu

“I cannot express to you how much I love you, how much I care for you and how much you are my world.

You have shown me strength, compassion, empathy and beauty. You were an old soul eh. There are times I could have been better, I think we all think that, but I know in my heart that it was as it was at that time. So positives from now on.

You taught me how to care, to love, to be patient (still ongoing). Since that day we brought you home, you were my total my absolute, bundle of love and joy.

I cannot tell you enough of how much I love you. Come back and visit if you wish, if you can, even if you want to. You may be busy running around and playing with your ball. I do hope someone is there to throw it. Say hi to Tommy & Redknapp for me, I miss them so much too 💕.

You were ready, I asked you to tell me and you did ❤️. Thank you for letting me lay with you and cuddle you in the morning, it was beautiful and I felt you were so peaceful.

I vow from this day that I will connect to the divine more than ever, because I want to connect with you, if you let me. You may be off on your next chapter, and if you wish to be my animal guide, then please please do.

I love you bmy Darling baby girl, you are my everything, and I’ll miss you so much. Have a beautiful day darling, meet me at the gate, when it’s my time. I can’ t stop crying….

Be with me, I with you. Forever in my heart, I Love Love Love you.

Your Mummy xxxxxxxx ❤️