Julie Dryburgh

Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website.

With over 35 years of experience, Julie is an accomplished Spiritual Healer and Psychic Medium, renowned for guiding individuals towards inner peace and tranquility.
Her expertise also includes Inspirational Speaking, where she conveys the essence of The Divine, deeply resonating with her audience. Julie’s philosophy centers on helping people navigate life’s challenges, alleviating stress, anxiety, and restoring joy and contentment.

Julie believes in the transformative power of personal change, stating, “My purpose is to facilitate your journey towards a harmonious life. Embracing change leads to profound life transformations.” She offers bespoke healing services, tailored to guide clients from their present circumstances to an enriched, fulfilling existence.

Julie invites you to rediscover a life of peace, love, joy, and laughter, reconnecting with your authentic self. She looks forward to supporting you on this transformative journey

My story

Well where do I begin?..  My story has evolved over the years and to put it into a couple of paragraphs might be a tad difficult but here we go.

It all started when I was young when I used to hear things around the house when nobody else was in, now I wasn’t one of those children who wasn’t scared, I was!  And I went through a stage of everything electrical that I touched stopped working, it would work eventually but looking back, that was a stressful time for me.  So I turned my back on it all.

However, when I was about 18 years old, I started to gain my interest back in all things alternative; Reiki, Angels, Mediums, crystals, you name it, I read about it and did the courses too, and there were many!

Fast forward some 30 odd years to 2022 and it was this year that really catapulted me into who I am today.  You see last year I had a stroke, it wasn’t from a medical condition but from a fall I had. I was rushed to Southampton Hospital, had an emergency operation and flew home 2 days later.

The healing that followed was miraculous, I only had a few weeks of fatigue and that was it.  I manifested great healing and recovery for myself by using my own inate healing system and the love from God and from the many healing circles. This event was a huge awakening for me.   At the time, I wasn’t totally happy with how I was living my life and something had to change but like most people I was comfortable and really didn’t wish to make the effort.

So with a big THANK YOU to God Almighty, I got my head down into my mediumship, my healing, my everything and studied. The intensity of the feelings of feeling loved grew within me, this is how I knew what my path was and what my purpose in life is.  A truly fascinating time, and still is.

You see, you have to have the courage to wake up, you have to feel what doesn’t feel right in your mind, body and soul and you have to change it.

You can’t just take a course to manifest great things in your life if the foundations aren’t secure.  You have to work at it then work at it some more.

This is why I know how it feels to be at rock bottom, when your relationship ends, when you move out of the home you shared, when it seems everything is going south.  But let me tell you something, this is the best time for greatness to come into your life.

 This is the time to sit and look at what you DO have, not what you don’t have.

The healing I give now is on a far deeper level, I know now what it feels like to connect to the Source Energy, it’s amazing and so beautiful.  And when I connect to spirit, well the love you feel when you connect to everything and surrender, is something else.

I tune into the Divine, tune into your guides and away we go.  That’s why I say everybody’s session is uniquely different because you all have your own story.  This is your chance to change the story. God never wanted us to be unhappy, lifes’ givings have done that but you have the power to change it and that where I know I can help you.

Having the stroke was the turning point for me, what is your turning point.  Is it going to be something catastrophic that you don’t walk away from or will it be you starting to listen to what the Universe is saying because your guides, your angels, God, The Divine, they all talk to you and want to help you.

Move forward into your new life, like I did with a bloody great leap of faith and live it, and live the most wonderous, happy, empowered life you can.  Because you’ve earned that right.

The healing journey starts here.  See you soon.

Healing takes courage and we all have it, we just have to dig deep to find that courage, but once found it can never be lost.


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