Julie Dryburgh

Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website.

Hi, I’m Julie, I’m a Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium. I live in Jersey, Channel Islands with my two adorable pooches, Charlie and Gracie. I love walking always with my dogs, I love being around people, I love being outside, I love swimming in the sea.. oh yes and finally I love all the work I have done on myself to be able to finally say ‘I love me and I am enough’.


I have always just wanted to help people, to help them see a different perspective to what is going on in their lives.

We all have ‘stuff’ going on and that ‘stuff’ does affect how we are living our lives. If it is causing a detrimental affect on you and your health, then something needs to be done about it, right? So we start small and go from there.  Every teeny tiny step is a great milestone in getting to where you want to be, and I mean that cause I have been there myself.  But I chose to change, I chose to rise up and believe in who I am and I can tell you it wasn’t always easy but I got there and I want to show you how I did it.

What fills my heart and makes me smile is seeing the change in people after their sessions with me. I see their energy totally shift, I see how their heart and eyes have connected and their smile, the smile of joy of being released from their internal turmoil is just the best feeling ever.

I have such admiration for anyone who makes the decision to change, because I know it isn’t easy to make the choice, but honestly once you take that first step, you will experience feelings within you like never before.

Don’t let fear keep you back any longer, demand your power back and be who are destined to be.

For change really does begin at the end of your comfort zone

My story.

When I was about 7 years old, I used to hear things, and would always feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up, which frightened the life out of me.  What was it, well I was never entirely sure, but I never hung around long enough to find out!

So it was when I was 18 ish, that I started being interested in Reiki, crystals, angel cards, pendulums etc.   So the start of my exciting healing journey and exploring the world of spirituality began, but I didn’t quite know or understand that at the time.  I remember doing every workshop I could, read every book I could get my hands on from working with your angels to the Idiots Guide to Being Psychic (yes really) to all types of out there books.

Giving Reiki healing to clients was my first taste into this new world of mine and I loved it. I just felt like this was my path, it all felt ‘right’.  The healing results blew my mind, I mean how did this actually work, how could people get better from the energy that ran through me. Well that question started me on my quest to find out what exactly is it that is doing the healing, cause I knew it wasn’t down to just me.

I read loads, I did a variety of spiritual and New Age workshops, courses, had mentors, learnt to meditate, learnt Mindfulness, learnt about crystals, did even more alternative courses.  I was on a roll, I did some courses in the UK, Iceland and America and I even went to the Bahamas to work with the dolphins, not even sure how that happened but working with people in the water with dolphins, well you need to experience that to know how profound that experience was.

I loved, absolutely loved being around people who had the same interests as me, we could speaki our ‘spiritual language’ and not care if anyone thought us mad. We could be open and say and talk all things spiritual and it all felt completely normal to talk in this way.

Another defining moment in my life which changed me, was in April 2020, my darling pooch Liu Liu  Click here to read her story was getting old. I was noticing how her coat was getting greyer, especially around the nose and eyes, she was slowing down, not eating as much and sleeping so much more. If you are a dog lover, you’ll know what I mean, there comes a time when you just have this moment of seeing how old your dog is and then the realisation kicks in and that is one sad time.

I knew her time to leave me was getting near, so I sat with her, held her tight and told her, she should go when she is ready, I said don’t wait and she didn’t,  as soon as the words left my mouth she lay down by my bedroom door and never got back up. Jesus that moment will never leave me, my heart broke and still does now in telling you the story. So I  promised her that I would do all that I could to communicate with her, and to help others who had lost pets, so in January 2021, I joined the Spiritualist National Union (SNUI) and have never looked back.

I have learnt and am still learning so much in how to expand on my Psychic and Mediumship gift.  Has it been easy, no not at all but the teachers have given me the confidence to believe in myself and have given me the confidence to become a great medium should I choose, which I do.

Has it been easy no, I have had ups, downs and everything in between but everything I have experienced within, and all that I have learnt from the books, from all of  the courses and workshops that I have done, to all the teachers who have shared their knowledge with me, has brought me to this point, to be here with you, to let you know that I can help you.

This is my story, what is yours?

I am so passionate and excited about what I do and I love telling people that you can have a life of joy and happiness, you only need choose to do so.

You can change all things for the better, when you change yourself for the better.  Jim Rohn.


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