Julie Dryburgh

Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium

Firstly thank you for visiting my website

Hi, I’m Julie and I am a Spiritual Healer & Psychic Medium. I currently live in Jersey, Channel Islands with my partner and my two adorable pooches, Charlie and Gracie. When I am not working you’ll find me on the sand dunes, either walking with the pooches or sitting in meditation, having fun times with my partner and his family, walking on the beach, swimming in the sea, yep even in winter. I especially love my garden and I love nature, it’s all part of continually growing within and knowing what life I want, it’s just heaven.

Helping people to heal has been my passion for years and it doesn’t matter what you need help with, I’m like a spiritual detective, on a mission to find out why you are feeling the way you do. Living a happier, healthier life can be everyone’s reality, you only need decide to CHANGE and from that change comes transformation. And from TRANSFORMATION comes the new you, the confident, the empowered, the self love YOU.

And when I see that happening, seeing the change in people after their session with me, I feel the shift within them, I see their eyes shine and I know that their hearts have opened. I have such admiration for those people who make the decision to change and I love being able to support them on that journey.

For change really does begin at the end of your comfort zone

This is how it all began for me, way back when

When I was about 7 years old, I used to hear things, and would always feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I just had this sense that something was there. I know now that it was spirit, my angels and or guides trying to communicate with me but I never spoke about it, I just shut myself off from it.

So it was when I was 18, that my interest in all things spiritual was re-ignited. I would keep getting signs everywhere so there comes a point you have to take notice! So the start of my exciting healing journey and exploring the world of spirituality began.

Learning and using Reiki on clients was my first taste of this new healing world and I loved it. I then did more courses, workshops, travelled to the UK, Iceland and America to gain more knowledge. And you know what the best part was, speaking with like minded people, people who ‘got me’ and understood where I was coming from. That was a huge moment in my life which just spurned me on to learn more.

Another huge moment in my life was in April 2020, my darling pooch Liu Liu was transitioning over. It was at this time that I  promised her that I would do all that I could to communicate with her, so in January 2021, I joined the Spiritualist National Union and have never looked back. The teachers have helped me to progress my Psychic and Mediumship gift and have given me the confidence to get out there. I cannot thank all the teachers enough, they have helped me to be the person I was meant to be and will continue to be and I am eternally grateful.

Everything I have learnt, all the books I have read, all the courses and workshops that I have done, all the messages that I have given and received from my own loved ones have brought me to this point, to be here with you, telling you who I am. Thirty years of knowledge gaining and now it’s time to introduce myself to you.

I am passionate about what I do and because of that, I can help you get the life you would love.  It starts with you, learn how to fall in love with YOU, it’s really simple.

Your Mind, Body, Spirt & Soul will thank you for it.

Huge love, Julie xx


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