Firstly, I just wish to say, THANK YOU, for visiting my website.

I’m Julie, a healer, a pooch mama to Charlie and Gracie who you can see above, a mind & body health coach and a fun loving woman who is dedicated to helping people Transform Their Lives. I am based in Jersey, Channel Islands but I work with clients all around the world.

Over the past 30 years, I have been training in therapies that I know work beautifully together and gets results. I am qualified as a Reiki Master, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist, Advanced Theta Healer, An Angel healer and a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and so much more…

Helping people to have the best life they can by helping them to heal either mentally, emotionally and or physically is who I am and to be doing this for a living is just incredible.

What makes me different from the rest is that I am highly intuitive and can connect with the body and understand how it is feeling and what healing it needs before even asking you any questions!

I know I can help you to be happier and have a beautifully balanced life. I know I can help you see a different perspective to your life so that you can change whatever needs changing and have the life you want.

I want to help YOU to heal yourself.


Work with someone who believes in you and who can make the difference


So Hi, I’m Julie and I am here to help you transform and to heal.

Everybody needs healing, whether it’s just some time for self or whether it be from past experiences, relationships, family, bereavements and so on…

To make this simple, what we hold onto, what we think about, what we feel, all have an impact on our wellbeing. I know that stuff from my past (and remember your past, can be 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago) had the power to massively affect how I felt and how I was thinking.

I know what anger, frustration, hurt, abandonment felt like. Rather than accepting this life, I made the choice to delve into knowing who I was and who I wanted to be and here I am; happier, healthier, younger, rejuvenated, strong, balanced, empowered and loving the life I have. I want to help you get the life you want too.

Combining my experiences and with the therapies I use, will help you achieve what it is that you want, so as I always say, why just have one therapy when –

“A little bit of everything is a bigger bit of something”

So, if you want to find your happy, then get in touch, you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner…

Huge Love, Julie


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