Angel Card Readings.

Why I love using the Cards.

Well firstly – the formal bit…

Card readings whether Angel or Tarot are for entertainment purposes only. It is your responsibility to understand this and I take no responsibility for the information that has been given and how you use it afterwards.

The Angels Cards will help to give you direction, inspiration, the motivation, a better understanding too your life.

They truly are a wonderful tool to use.

Please meet the beautiful Amanda from America, who had a Card Reading followed by a Remote/Distance Healing session with me over Zoom.


This is what Amanda has to say.


‘The energy was definitely moving throughout my body the whole time.  I could feel it even though Julie was way over there in the UK.  I absolutely loved it and the readings were amazing.”

“I feel absolutely amazing and fabulous, her cards are always on point”

What happens in a session?

We will connect 5 mins before your session so as to ensure all is working with the technology.  Whilst shuffling the cards, I will ask you to think of something you may wish the answer to and then I will ask you to say ‘stop’.   I will then lay the cards down and the story will unfold.

Please note if you wish to have a healing session with your card reading do let me know prior to booking so that we can discuss the length of time required.


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