Animal Communication

As a seasoned medium, my expertise lies in facilitating a deeply meaningful communication between you and your cherished pets in the spirit realm. Understanding the profound impact of losing a pet, my goal is to provide comfort through the reassurance of their continued well-being beyond the physical world, offering a sense of relief and support in your healing journey.

In our sessions, we aim to bridge the divide between you and your treasured pet(s), nurturing a feeling of proximity and enduring connection, despite their absence in our physical realm. It’s a core belief that the essence of your pet’s spirit is perpetually intertwined with your life, resonating deeply within your heart’s sanctuary.

I fully recognise and empathise with the profound grief and heartache that accompanies such a loss. However, there is solace in knowing that your pet remains an integral part of your existence in various subtle yet impactful ways. Their lingering scent, the echoes of their sounds, or the sense of their comforting presence are all affirmations of the unbreakable bond you continue to share. Be assured, they await your reunion when the time comes for you to cross over. The connection you have is timeless, and their spirit perpetually accompanies you.

For your convenience, I offer sessions via Zoom or Messenger. Additionally, if you prefer to send a photograph of your pet via email for our session, please feel free to forward it to juliedryburghmedium@gmail.com. This can enhance the personalisation and effectiveness of our spiritual communication.

They are always there, just asleep in your heart that’s all.



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