Angel / Tarot Card Readings.

It’s only recently that I have been drawn to using the Rider Waite Tarot deck and it’s been amazing.  It has been a natural development from the Angel Cards and one that is taking me deeper into my spiritual journey.

Why I love using the Cards.

Well firstly – the formal bit… Card readings whether Angel or Tarot are for entertainment purposes only. It is your responsibility to understand this and I take no responsibility for the information that has been given and how you use it afterwards.

Both the Angel and Tarot cards do the same thing, in that, they both give accurate messages, as they say, the cards don’t lie!  They can help to give you direction, the inspiration, the motivation, a better understanding that you may need in your life, and so much more…

They truly are a wonderful tool to use.

‘Tarot & Angel Cards are an incredible tool for spiritual development, personal insight, change and transformation.’

Please meet the beautiful Amanda from America, who had a Card Reading followed by a Remote/Distance Healing session with me over Zoom.


This is what Amanda has to say.


‘The energy was definitely moving throughout my body the whole time.  I could feel it even though Julie was way over there in the UK.  I absolutely loved it and the readings were amazing.”

“I feel absolutely amazing and fabulous, her cards are always on point”

What happens in a session?

We will connect 5 mins before your session so as to ensure all is working with the technology.  Whilst shuffling the cards, I will ask you to think of something you may wish the answer to and then I will ask you to say ‘stop’.   I will then lay the cards down and the story will unfold.

Please note if you wish to have a healing session with your card reading do let me know prior to booking so that we can discuss the length of time required.


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