Empowering You

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely weather we have been enjoying lately.
As many of you know I have been working here in Jersey under the banner ‘Craniosacral Therapy and Life Coach for the past few years but I feel that you may not know what else I can do. And here they are;

• Mindfulness
• Reiki
• Theta Healing
• Life / Intuitive/ Spiritual Coaching
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Angel Therapy Healing
• Angel Card Readings
• Energy Healing

This year has been a year of me chasing my dreams and getting everything together and putting it all under one banner of ‘Empowerment Coach’.
Like most businesses, word of mouth is key especially here in Jersey, so I wanted to send this email so that I can reach as many people as possible.

I help people who have been telling me this;

• “I’m going through a really stressful or anxious time at work or at home.”
• “I feel a bit flat lately and I don’t know why”
• “I can’t do it anymore”
• “I have no confidence”
• “Feeling really low and so tired”
• “I’m in so much pain”
• “I just don’t know where to go”
• “Feeling unfulfilled”
• “Feeling overwhelmed”
• “Feeling very sad”
• “I’ve lost who I am”
• “Can’t remember the last time I actually took time to relax”

But, you know, people often just ‘TRY’ they do not ‘DO’ because they feel that the journey is often filled with a whole lot of anxiety, stress, self-worth issues, lack of confidence or strength, self-doubt, lack of self empowerment. All this needs to be cleared in order for things to actually move forward in your life.

The bottom line is, that I just love helping people, it doesn’t matter what you have going on we will be able to get results, that is my aim for you, whatever it takes.

For more details about who I am and what I do, you can refer people to the following;

And if you come across anyone that you might think could benefit from coming to see me, then please pass on my contact details. I’m more than happy to have a chat with them and answer any questions.

Julie Dryburgh
Empowerment Coach.
+44 (0) 7797 742347