Well since leaving the world of Finance what have I been up to, well I have been absolutely loving the new hours.  It’s like a different world.  I see so much more, for instance I can really see the changes to the trees, the colours, the browns, reds, yellows all of them.  I run through the leaves and I love it, this simple act makes me giggle so much. I’m just transfixed by it all. I meet totally different people and talk about totally different stuff.  My whole being is so excited at this new world that I am just beginning to really ‘see’.

Change and me, didn’t really get on, I didn’t like it one bit.  To be honest I would run away from it, quick sharpish like.  I disliked being the ‘new person’, you know, oh so many new people what if they laugh behind my back.   Outwardly I appeared very confident, but I wasn’t.  When I began to work on why I was that way I realised it was FEAR. Oh fear what a grip it had on me, I never gave up though, I worked through it, I released the FEAR and it felt good to do that.  I felt free to be who I really am and that is priceless.

Now this journey can cause a few wobbles, a few ripples in the pond, but getting to know who we are, what lies underneath can be a wonderful experience.  Give it a try; you’ll never look back.