How our deceased pets let us know that they are still around.

It’s not until your dog is gone do you realise how quiet the house is. How often did you speak with them or use their name? The enormity of the realisation of how much my life was intertwined with my own departed fur babies was never truly recognised until I heard the silence. The silence was deafening!

It started soon after she passed, sometimes I could hear the noise of her name tag jangling, I could hear it clinking as it would do when she walked. Some days I could smell her smell, some days she would come to me in my dreams – oh being able to run my hands through her fur again, it was so soft… Sometimes I could hear her bark, and I would jump out of bed and tell her that I was coming and go look for her, I heard it as clear as if she were at the foot of my bed again.

Another time, I met this 12 week old puppy, infact I sensed this puppy before it got to me, it was the same two mixed breed as Liu Liu, same colouring and O.M.G she was even called Liu Liu, now that got me right in the heart.

There are many ways that they show us they’re still around, especially the following:

Did you hear that?

  • Can you hear the jangling of their name tag on the collar
  • Their distinct bark
  • A low gruffling noise when they want your attention (Charlie, my poorh who’s alive, does this to me when he wants my attention)
  • Them getting comfy on the floor
  • Them rolling on their back
  • The noise of their nails on the wooden or tiled floor
  • Squeaky toy noise
  • The thump of their tale
  • The swinging of the dog flap

Did you smell that?

  • That wet fur smell from being in the rain or just after you’ve bathed them
  • The smell of the shampoo you used
  • The smell of their dog food
  • The smell of their breath
  • The smell of their ears
  • The smell of the medicine you had to give them
  • The smell of their bedding
  • Oh just their smell…

In your Dreams

Dreams are a beautiful way to reconnect, you can set your intention before you drift off. Anything is possible.

Did you see that.

That unconditional love just doesn’t disappear when they have departed, it will always be there in your heart. The connection will always be strong and you may start ‘seeing things’. Just as when your departed loved ones wouldn’t want to frighten you, neither would your pets, you may question what you saw, but it’s them.

Me and my darling Liu Liu

  • Have you seen something like a shadow out the corner of your eye
  • Have you seen a flash of light
  • Seen a colour just appear to you
  • A shimmer of different lights
  • Your other pets just sitting or lying down and just staring at one spot for no apparent reason.

Having an animal will bless you with so many of the happiest days of your life…

These are all wonderful ways of our departed fur babies showing us that they are still around us. You may have experienced some other ways so do let me know as I love to hear the stories of how pets make their way back to us.

Yes, with pet bereavement, your heart may ache, your body may crumble at the mere mention of their name, your tears will fall heavily when you see a photo of them, you get a Facebook memory reminder, jesus that was a hard one for me, I just bawled my eyes out when the video came up with Liu Liu in it!! But always remember that they are on the other side, free of pain, living a beautiful life with their friends, loved one or guardian.

The day we die and cross over, guess who will be there to meet us, what a wonderous moment that would be…

I know you are all there, my darling furbabies, furever in my heart.

Huge Love

Julie xx