I am so super excited to be asked to run a cirlce. I’ve been attending a few over the past 9 months and its a pleasure to be working with an amazing person who saw in me the potential to run these circles.

It just goes to show that manifesting does work, I asked for this way in January and now it has come into fruition.

But I have to say, you don’t just sit there and say a mantra, you have to do the work to get you in the position of achieving what you want.

It starts somewhere, you need to plant the seed and nurture it, just like you need to do with self.

You can have the life you want, it does take dedication and commitment but when you feel and see the change happening, it does get addictive, because you feel so alive, so excited and positive.

So here are my realistic tips:

*Write down clearly what you want
*Make is short and simple
*Be concise with your words, use the language you understand.
*Put it somewhere where you can see it clearly each day.
*Then go and find out how you can achieve it
*Have commitment and dedication

Go on give it a go… and let me know how you get on.

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Huge Love