What have I been up to… CranioSacral Therapy Comprehensive Therapy Programme April 2016, held at Lake Mývatn, up North in Iceland, at Mývatn Naturebath and hotel Reykjavik.

This was the second time in Iceland but the first up North and all I can say is, it was amazing. If you’ve never been, GO. Iceland is as beautiful as it looks in the photos and the people are lovely, a little straightforward but that is all part of the charm of this fabulous place.

The drive from Rejavik up North was absolutely stunning; sun was shining, clear blue sky, no wind, just perfect weather.

I was there to work, yes work, with other highly skilled Upledger trained therapists. We all come from totally different walks of life and from different countries but we all have one common goal and that is to do our absolute best for the client.

So, a bit about the programme

Comprehensive Therapy Programmes can sometimes have as many as 30 to 40 therapists present, on this occasion we had 22 therapist and 7 clients. We get organised into client specific teams, which amazes me every time on how she gets it so right. We then work with them in the designated teams on the table for a good few hours then in the Nature Baths in the afternoon. The client may not always wish to work in the water so we could spend both sessions on the table.

We don’t all just do CranioSacral Therapy though, some of us have many other healing modalities under our belts, which we use alongside CranioSacral Therapy. These can be easily integrated into the sessions too, helping to facilitate the healing of client and body.

We had the time to work on ourselves too, so a few of us would head to the Baths after dinner but I tell you what, the air temperature blooming well drops when the sun goes and when the wind picks up blimey. it’s a race (health & safety obviously adhered to) to get into the warm baths. Adults racing each other to get into the baths was so funny.

That’s the other thing about Iceland you are always smiling, there is so much to look at and to just smile, such a beautiful landscape, why wouldn’t you want to smile.

What a wonderful excuse to go to Iceland don’t you think…? Oh and did I mention seeing the Northern Lights? Have I booked up for next year? Hell yes, I’ll be there, try and keep me away.

Love as always