Life Therapist

For nearly 30 years, I have been helping people achieve balance, understanding and peace within their lives.  I am a ‘Life Therapist’. I look at everything that is going on in someone’s life, from their work to their personal life and everything in between. From this I can build an understanding of what is out of balance in their life, which will present itself either physically, emotionally, or mentally in that person. Also people tend not to live in the ‘here and now’, living too far into the future, meaning that they are missing so much of the present.

I will start by enabling my clients to gain a sense of order to the issues that they are facing. Together, we will address whatever is causing their body stress and anxiety. Overcoming these life blockages is the first step they need to take in allowing them, and their bodies, to gain balance.

Change is a wonderful experience, it doesn’t need to be scary, slow or difficult it can be enjoyable, soon and easy.  It’s all about empowering the client to see who they are and what they can realistically achieve. To allow me to do this I use a range of therapies that all compliment each other beautifully, helping to activate the bodies own healing mechanism.

The body needs to be in balance, for it to function at it’s best, I can help you achieve that during private sessions at my clinic or home visits.

Article originally published in The Jersey Life, September 2017.