OMG, what can I say, I have been waiting for this moment, for like nearly a year now.

Are you intrigued, well let me tell you. I have been doing loads of mediumship/psychic training, because I vowed that I would reconnect with my darling girl and help others connect too. Well being someone who has heard and seen stuff, why the hell wouldn’t I.

So, last week, I got partnered with this lovely woman Jen, who instantly said that she felt, like she was a dog!! She kept saying, “I have never felt like this before’ and “This is very strange”. but what she said after was everything about Liu Liu, even to her soulfulness, she really was an old soul. It was so beautiful to hear, and for her to say that she was with a white dog too. Tommy, my boy..


Next month will be a year to her passing and 4 years for Tommy, but there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of them. I know they will be there waiting for me when it’s my time to pass over, but hey.. that ain’t like for years and years yet.😉

So all those late nights studying till the wee hours of the morning have really paid off and it’s only March, I have the whole year to gain more experience, it’s all a very exciting journey.

You see, I will be on that stage within the year, healing, talking, teaching you mindfulness, meditating, reconnecting you with your animal and your loved one, that’s a definite, an absolute, it keeps getting better and better..

Huge Love