Me, the Medium Rookie…

Well what can I say, who would have thought that I would at last be honing my skills as a medium.  I have always had an interest in all things spiritual and I remember reading A LOT about mediums when I was really young, especially Doris Stokes and that was it, I was hooked on this stuff.

Years later and here I am, with a lovely bunch of people practicing my skills.  At first, yes you are nervous, because you think you may be crap and get nothing, but then it just flows and then, you really do begin to feel the energy when spirit is there with you. 

When you begin to relax and just get yourself out the way, you will be surprised who comes through.

I’ve been blown away with who has come to me.  

  • Jessie Greenwood – Only the first female President of the S.N.U (Spiritual National Union).
  • Arthur Findlay – a Scotsman who had a great interest in psychic research and became an honorary president of the S.N.U. oh and he bought and then gifted Stansted hall to the S.N.U
  • Emma Hardinge Britten – was a gifted medium and defined the seven principles of Spiritualism

Now can you see why I was blown away, I mean they connected with me and I could feel them and see them, blooming ‘ell x

It’s been about 3 weeks now and I feel so comfortable doing this, it’s like I was meant to be doing this, I get so excited when on a Monday and a Wednesday it hits 11.00am, I’m like glued to zoom, like an excited child.

So roll on tomorrow, for who knows who will come in and what will be downloaded to me.  Bring it on….

I’ll keep you posted.

Huge Love