National Love Your Pet Day

Do you know it’s National Love your Pet Day?.

Now as all pet lovers will know it does not take just one day to realise how much we love our pets. But On 20th February National Love your Pet Day, we can give even more love to our pets and pamper them madly.

Allow today to be the day for you to really focus on that special bond between you and your pet.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small they are, they are our family and they deserve that extra attention, don’t you think?

Oh yes, because where would we be without them eh, It would be a totally different life we’d have can you imagine… one of no hairs being picked off your clothes, how they always seem to lie on the new clothes you’ve just bought, how having peace when you go to the bathroom… OMG can you imagine, and no pooches jumping on you in the morning demanding their walkies…  To me that is a perfect life..

So what am I going to do for my fur babies, well I’m going to cuddle them and spoil them rotten even more today than I usually do and you know what else..?  I’m going to thank them again and tell them how grateful I am of them being in my life, in all the beautiful times and the sad times.  Always there for me, no matter what.

So on this day reap the benefits of giving them that little bit extra. It has been proven that pets help to reduce our stress and anxiety levels and they are always happy to be that shoulder to cry on when we are sad, so we are going to give back to them on this day and yes, every other day.  Take them on an extra long walk, just truly appreciate them more today but whatever it is you decide to do, just smile and be with them.

Love those pets today like you have never loved them before.