St Peters Community Centre.

I have been offered a new room and I love it because it’s only 5 mins from where I live..😃

I am so excited to be sharing my news with you. All those manifesting thoughts within meditation has come to fruition and I am properly excited.  Yaaayyy.

I now have a room at St Peter’s Community Centre. It’s huge and just perfect for everything I wish to do.

For now, I will be working every Saturday as of 8th September 2020. I am also doing some days during the week, so please contact me to find out more.

To say that I am happy to have a room here is an understatement. I got where I was meant to be in the end eh. 

Home visits are always available.

Any questions, no probs, just call me on 07797742347 because I love to talk and connect with you.

There is email and social media too. Many ways to connect me.
Please pass this message on as you help me to get more visible.

Huge Love

Jules x