Oracle Card Reading

I’ve always had a strong interest in Oracle Cards and often used them to gain guidance and advice whenever I felt I was at crossroads in my life. My experience of Oracle Cards has been powerful and positive. It was during one of my readings that it became evident that the ability to interpret Oracle Cards for others was a gift I had. From this experience, I took the leap of faith to start offering Oracle Card readings and have never looked back.

I chose to offer readings with Oracle Cards as I find that they are less structured than Tarot. I feel Oracle Cards have a different energy that allows me to better use my intuition to interpret the cards’ meanings for my clients. The cards have meaningful images and guiding words on them to interpret areas of your life such as romance, finances, life and health.  They have been used for centuries as a guide to interpret all aspects of life and I use them in the same way for my clients.

So how does it work? The client chooses which set of Oracle Cards they wish to use and instructs me when to stop shuffling. A relevant number of cards will be placed in a specific order for interpretation. The sessions are unique to you; no two readings are ever the same. The sessions last an hour and a healing mediation may be provided depending on the outcome of the guidance.

Oracle cards help people find clarity, receive guidance and embrace the necessary changes that may need to be made in their lives.  Through this awareness you can experience an amazing sense of deep healing so that any life transformation may begin.

I am available for Skype sessions as well as 1-1 private sessions.

Article originally published in Well Being World Magazine, July 2017.