It’s been about 5 weeks now, and there isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking about my darling girl, Liu Liu. To have her by my side for 16 and a half years, then not to have her there, was the worst moment ever, you know the feeling right?, when you look down and they aren’t there… I mean, jesus that was a shit moment.

Say hi to my darling Liu Liu

The only saving grace really, was all that I do and the being a Pet Bereavement Consellor. I knew it was coming and I spoke with her every day to let her know that she didn’t need to hang around if she wanted to go, I’d be devastated of course, but it was her decision. I made sure that I never forgot to wish her Good Morning or Good Night and told her all the time, how much I loved her with tears a flowing.

You see we were in the UK for a friends birthday party and I had no idea there were 4 pups and Liu Liu was the only one who hadn’t been chosen yet, (or as we dog lovers know, that she hadn’t chosen her family yet) :-).

Well the next day she was on the boat heading back to Jersey with us, and our beautiful journey together started.

Liu Liu was very soulful, she would sit there and look at you with those deep brown eyes of hers and I always wondered what was she thinking. She never needed training even though we did take her once, but she must have been soooo bored because when we looked down she was digging such a big hole in the sand that the sausage dog next to her was getting buried, much to the owners distaste.

She was always by my side and was there with her beautiful nuzzle on my leg when I was going through my divorce. Oh how much I cried on her fur during that time. (I’m even crying whilst typing this blog…). So, late last year I got told by the vet that she wouldn’t make it past Christmas, but she clearly wasn’t quite ready for we continued our journey together, even going for short walks when she could and we never missed a day down at the Line Up for her doggie sausage. But when your pooch no longer wants to walk far or doesn’t eat much, and you look deep into those eyes and they tell you that the time is coming well then, you really know that the inevitable is fast approaching.😢

You do know when they are ready, you really do. I woke up one Saturday and she was lying by my bedroom door on her side and that was it, she never got up after that. That was her way of showing me that it was time. You never ever want to let them go but when they tell and show you, you have to respect their decision, so on Sunday 26 April Liu Liu was finally crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

I remember telling her that I would do all that I could do to communicate with her in sprit, that I promised. x

Rainbow Bridge…

Forever and always in my heart, you were my rock, my soulmate, my absolute, my life, I love you with every part of my being – until I see you again…💕. Your mum xxx