Hi and welcome to my website, I’m Julie.
Over the past 30 years, I have been training in modalities that I know can work together to get results. My most recent qualification is becoming a Mindfulness Teacher and that has just cemented everything that I do, together beautifully. The modalities just compliment each other and I just love how it all works; – it’s all such a beautiful combination.
  Helping people to have the best lives they can by helping them heal in whatever part of their life needs changing has always been something I love to do and to be to doing it for a living is just incredible.   Sharing what I know, whether it is talking to groups or on an individual basis is my passion and I really believe that once given the tools you too can create the kind of incredible transformation that has happened in my life.   I want to help you achieve a beautifully, balanced life. I want to help you see a different perspective to your life so that you can change and have the life you want. I know that life can sometimes be crap and you may feel that there is no way out but there is, you just need to work with someone who makes the difference and believe that it can happen.   I live in the real world, I am not all ‘woo woo’ I know what it feels like to be low and I know that it takes time to change. I also know that together we can contemplate change, we can decide on the change and we can act on it.   Don’t just park your issues, work with someone who really cares and gets results.   What I offer is simple; my skills as a highly trained therapist and tips and tools that work for everyday people.   I also really want to hear what you have to say so connect with me and sign up to my blog to get weekly inspirations and information that will keep you on track. I care about how you are feeling, we can both learn from each other.   I also run Meditation and Mindfulness retreats here in Jersey so contact me for new dates.   Looking forward to hearing from you.   Huge Love   Julie


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