Releasing old…

I took the jump, that leap of faith, that OMG moment I’ve done it. Done what you may ask? Well I have left the Finance industry, it’s only taking me nearly 6 years but everything is divine timing right?

I walked out the door all smiles and so happy to be free at last. Isn’t it amazing how you feel when you leave something behind that has been holding you back for so long. Sometimes change in life can be a little daunting or hugely daunting, all the thoughts of monies and stuff that go through your head, it’s just too much isn’t it? Yep I get it.

For me though I held out until the absolute time was right. I will admit that even though I work with the universe every single day and I know the score, I was like COOOMMMMEEE OOOONNNNN.

But Divine Timing hurries for no one, it is patience, it is having that absolute determination to say yep I’m ready.

So for me it all happened so quick, one minute I was sat here at my desk and the next I had these thoughts of the business and Skype and Card Readings and Facebook and it all just seemed to happen so quickly. I was just putting it all out there, not coming up for breath, wonderful really.

See, I got told that I would be doing card readings way back in May but I never gave it a second thought until it all exploded from my brain that night. Every day my intuitiveness gets stronger and stronger, true what they say, practice until you think you know it then practice some more.

So getting it out there of what I can do is my next aim and I’m so glad Chris is the Techy guy as ‘Instagram’ who’d have known!

Love as Always