Remote/Distance Healing

Remote Healing is the most fantastic way to receive healing because you don’t even need to leave your home.

It is just as powerful as being with me in person, there really isn’t any difference.

Because of  modern technology whether Zoom or Messenger, you can still reap the full amazing benefits of having a powerful healing session with myself.


“The energy was definitely moving throughout my body the whole time.  I could feel it, even though she was way over there in the UK.  I absolutely loved it and the readings were amazing”


What happens next?

Firstly, we will have a nice little chat to see what it is that you need healing for and for how long. Remember, a remote/distance healing session should be treated in the very same way as if you were with me in person, the only difference being that the energy is transferred without actual physical touch to yourself.

Be somewhere where you will not be disturbed, lying down may be more beneficial but it is entirely up to you, all I want is for you to be comfortable and in a quiet place, and definitely, NO driving!

Zoom is really easy to use and is free, download from here.

I will call you 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot, so as to ensure all is working okay.

Now… Lie down (or sit) and relax…

Let the healing begin…

Once your session is complete, I will bring you back, but if you have totally gone to ‘snooze land’ and you are not waking up, I will disconnect from the call and leave you to come back in your own time. I ask you then to get in touch so that we can discuss the session and see if you need any more.


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