Remote/Distance Healing

Remote/distance healing is any form of healing that is sent to a client who is not physically present.

Using my skills as a highly experienced intuitive healer, I will tune into you and all that is, to send you healing. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you don’t have to see me in person here in Jersey, Channel Islands, to reap the benefits of having remote healing. The power of these sessions cannot be overstated.

• We will look at your mental, emotional, physical and chemical levels of your being.
• I will help you to re-align your chakra energy systems and the surrounding systems of your body.
• By using my highly attuned intuition, I can help you explore what issues you may have and what the blockages and resistance you have within your body and help you to release these.
• These sessions will facilitate a greater understanding and belief in who you are. They will help you instil confidence and a feeling of empowerment to self, giving you more of a sense of peace and calm and an insight into the life you can have and so much more…


Remote Healing Sessions – How they work:

• After you have contacted me to arrange your session, we will go through what it is that you require from the session and go from there.
• A remote/distance healing session can be treated in the very same way as if you were with me in person, the only difference is, that the energy is transferred without actual physical touch and the beauty of this healing is you are in your own space, wherever that may be.
• It would be advisable to be somewhere where you will not be disturbed for 75 minutes or so. You may wish to lie down so please do ensure that you have the space to do so.
• I will call you using Zoom, which is really easy to download from here. I will call you 10 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure all is working as it should be.
• Now you can lie down and relax…
• Once the energy is complete, I will disconnect from the call and leave you to drift away. We will reconnect when convenient to discuss the session. This is part of the 75 minutes.


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