So what is Healing Balance Therapy?

So what is Healing Balance Therapy? Well, we help to heal the body by balancing mind, body, spirit and therapy, well that speaks for itself. I will use a combination of some or all of the healing modalities I have been trained in depending on your needs and preferences. In this way your body can decide what it needs and take from me what it wants.

Now you may ask what exactly is Mind, Body and Sprit? So I will briefly explain.

Mind, Body, spirit is everywhere, and the concept is used by companies large and small by the Chief Exec and to the staff, successful entrepreneurs, professional health care providers, to name just a few.

Mind, Body, Spirit is all about our total well-being. It is not just about our physical health but our mental and spiritual health too. All three need to work in harmony for the body to be ‘healthy’, so it is vital that we pay attention to our mind, body and spirit.

Mind, Body, Sprit – Have a think on these;

– What about that headache when you’re stressed. Your mind affecting your body?

– What about feeling unhappy when you can’t exercise. Your body affecting your mind?

– Remember that feeling when you did something good for yourself, perhaps, finding the time to read that book, relaxing at a spa, getting back to that yoga class. How did you feel? Amazing, relaxed, calmer, more positive, did you have your spring back in your step? Could this be your mind, body and spirit working together to make you feel that way?

The concept of Mind, Body, Spirit is that we are all so much more than just our thoughts. It is a combination of our emotions, our bodies and spirituality that make us who we are, our identity and determines our health.

It is proven that our mental health determines our physical health. If negative emotions such as hatred, fear, anger, hurt or jealousy are stored within the body and not dealt with this will make us physically sick and in time can lead to more serious conditions.