Here’s what some of my clients have to say…

“OMG that’s all I’m saying, why haven’t I heard of Julie before. I was a bit apprehensive in talking to someone about all my problems, but Julie just held the space for me to talk, it was really emotional but she helped me get to the bottom of why I was feeling the way I was. Thank you so much Julie xx”
– Evelyn

“I was recommended to Julie by my mum as she had a session with Julie many years ago. I thought maybe because I was in my teens that she wouldn’t really understand but how wrong I was. She helped me to see that no problem is bigger than life itself and I will always be so grateful for mum pushing me to see her. I have monthly zoom sessions now which are really helping me move forward.”
– Debbie

“I had the pleasure of meeting Julie on a course and after meeting her I booked a session. I can honestly say that she is totally what she says she is, a Transformational Coach and I feel totally transformed and empowered to move forward and believe in myself again. I felt very stuck and had lost my mojo but thanks to Julie I feel strong and determined. She doesn’t work from ego and she is amazingly intuitive. She supports you through the process with no judgement and everything is with love. I would recommend Julie to anyone and I have already recommended her to others.”
– Jacqui

“I always feel completely energised after my appointment with Julie and inspired to make real progression on my journey.”
– Tiff

“I first met Julie after a particularly stressful year in my life and was feeling especially tense and really struggling to calm my mind. After only my first session with Julie, I immediately noticed a positive change and felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. In the sessions which followed, I learnt to challenge my negative thoughts and ideas, to surmount my self-doubt and to recognise my triggers that can lead to a stressful spiral. Most importantly, Julie helped to put things into perspective for me. Sometimes it can be difficult to see clearly on your own, and that is why Julie’s help is so significant. I learnt a great deal, felt incredibly supported and I am very excited for the year ahead, as I know I can better deal with what life may throw in my direction.”
– Jasmine

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