Why Do You Need Life Therapy?


If everybody’s life went to plan we would all live in a state of perpetual contentment, however life rarely goes to plan.

The body’s ability to cope in these situations is unique to each and every individual. Everyone needs that little extra help when handling some of life’s challenges.

I am here to support people through these challenges in a way that is bespoke to them.

In my many years as a Life Therapist I have worked with people with relationship complications, financial pressures, trauma, bereavement (both human and pet), physical and mental issues along with assisting people with everyday struggles and difficulties that we all face. These circumstances can leave people feeling lost and unfulfilled with their lives. My services provide people with the guidance, support and confidence to overcome these struggles and achieve a life that is best suited to them.

Many of the issues I also address are peoples own belief systems. These can be self-manifested, or belief systems placed upon them by others. From my experience these are not helpful to individuals and can hold people back.

I help reset these deep-rooted beliefs by taking away each layer to find the source of the disharmony. This will enable the individual to reach the belief systems that are correct and true to how they want to live their life.

As a Life Therapist, helping people to find their sense of purpose and to embrace change is a wonderful part of what I do. Change doesn’t need to be tough, it is often simple and easy. It’s all about seeing change as positive and embracing it.

Article originally published in Wellbeing World Magazine, Autumn Edition 2017.