Theta Healing Jersey


Don’t let those beliefs hold you back, the time is now. Moving forward is the key.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing Jersey

Available in our Jersey clinic, Theta Healing is a powerful energy healing technique that allows you to change limiting beliefs which hold you back from your full potential and the life that you truly desire.

The Process

The brain has wavelengths called Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma. Theta is where our belief systems are held in our subconscious. These belief systems form our core foundations built during our childhood. Due to your experiences some of these belief systems will no longer be beneficial to you and may be impacting on your true self.

During our conversation I will tune in to your current belief systems and find out what it is that is holding you back.

 Theta Healing Jersey

Theta Healing


> Who is it for?

Theta Healing can be offered to anyone. Some people are not open to Theta Healing because their subconscious beliefs bring up fear and are reluctant to give into certain changes. In order for Theta Healing to be successful, you need to believe in the possibility that it can work.

> What can it help with?

Achieve a greater level of health and wellbeing
Free yourself from habits and addictions
Release fears and phobias that may be holding you back
Resolve traumas and emotional issues
Increase confidence and self-esteem
Achieve personal freedom to reach your fullest potential
Deepen your spiritual connection

> How does Theta Healing work?

Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm. Even your brain has a unique set of brain waves called Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking awareness and a heightened state of alertness, critical reasoning and logic. Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation. You are in the Delta frequency when you are in a deep dreamless sleep and in transcendental meditation. Not much is yet know about Gamma frequency.

What is important is that when you are in the Theta frequency you are in a very powerful state. Theta is the realm of your subconscious mind where you can find great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight. However, it is also at this frequency that you store your most deep-seated programs and beliefs, which can be life limiting.

Theta Healing works by addressing the causes of blockages that may arise in the way you function; blockages caused by factors such as emotional repression, belief systems that may have been passed down through generations, fears and traumas. It’s believed that when these blockages occur, the flow of energy in the body is restricted. Theta Healing enables you to identify these restrictions helping you release these negative beliefs.

These energy blocks may cause physical, emotional, financial, mental and spiritual issues and many challenges within your life. Most people report dramatic positive changes in their lives within several weeks of having Theta Healing sessions. Sometimes huge positive changes happen immediately. Please note that healing of self and the body will only happen at the speed and intensity that you are comfortable with.

> How long will my appointments last?

The appointments will be 1 hour.

> Are there any conditions that shouldn’t be addressed with Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a safe alternative healing technique which works directly with your subconscious. It will not have an impact on your physical body and will not interfere with your physical conditions.