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5 week Programme
Awaken... Heal... Move forward into the life YOU want!

Be honest with me, how did you wake up
feeling this morning?

In your adult life have you ever looked in the mirror and thought
I just want to be happy”?

How do you feel right now?

Stressed, tired, time-poor, sad, fed up and struggling?

Well, you are definitely in the right place!
I have successfully worked with people who have felt the same way
and helped them turn their lives around.


Hi, I’m Julie and I can help you move forward into the life you want!

For many years now, both in person here in Jersey, Channel Islands, and also online, I have successfully been helping people transform their lives using proven techniques and my own gift of being highly intuitive. Tuning into your body’s energy and reinstating that beautiful connection between YOU, your mind and body so you can live a happier life.

Who wouldn’t want to have that amazing friggin’ life that you’ve always wanted?


Who is the Transform Your Life Programme for?

• Those going through some emotional upheaval

• Anyone whose life hasn’t quite gone to plan

• Anyone feeling stuck

• Anyone who cannot function as well as they used to

• Someone who just needs an hour or so to themselves to relax and rejuvenate

Whatever the reason, the Transform Your Life Programme is for you!

What if the only thing standing between you and your amazing life… is YOUR mindset?

Discover how your mindset is preventing you from transforming your life and getting the life you desire…

How the programme can help you

The Transform Your Life Programme can help you to look at your thoughts and move forward into the life you want. Work with someone who will make you think, make you laugh and cry, help you find your strength and help you be empowered!


Explore the 5 levels of transformational and innovative approaches to help you change your mindset so that you can be happier and have the life you want

The Transform Your Life Programme helps you to…

1. Discover where lies the problem to what is going on in your life
2. Help you see what emotions are holding you to the past and change them
3. Release those lower emotions and raise your vibration
4. Help you see a positive perspective to your life
5. Help you turn your life around
6. Help you to feel empowered
7. Help you to take back the control of your own life
8. Inspire the extraordinary within
9. Help you to release that beautiful person that is inside
10. Help you to feel happier in life, career and relationships, yes you can have it all
11. Give you tips and tools to use within all aspects of your life

I want to help you to have some laughter back into your life, can you remember the last time you really laughed?
Oh and there may be some tears but most definitely there will be some joy!

What’s going on in your life?

• Are you satisfied with your life or do you want to transform it?
• Perhaps you’ve been to other therapists who have helped but haven’t quite hit the mark?
• Perhaps you’ve come back from a retreat only to find that you’ve gone right back into the old patterns of life?
• Perhaps you’ve read book after book, got all excited then it all falls away?
• Perhaps you and a friend did classes together, then one time, your friend couldn’t make it or perhaps would be late, then they had something on that night and couldn’t make the class at all but insisted ‘you should still go’… Sound familiar?
• Perhaps you feel amazing already but just need a top up?
• Perhaps you’re always waiting for someone else to do things with?


If so, then you are stuck in a thought pattern that is controlling your life. You may not even realise it but your thoughts have such a magnitude reaction to who you are and how you are living your life. We all have programmes from birth to present that are constantly running in the background, and we don’t even realise that these are draining us and preventing us from getting the life we want. But once you know they are there, you can do something about it and Transform Your Life helps you to do just that, raising your awareness, raising your thoughts and raising your vibrations.

Where focus goes, energy flows

There are lots of studies out there regarding energy and how this can affect our consciousness and there is also a ton of studies regarding how our thoughts, our energy, our vibrations, our emotions, if in a low state can have a dramatic negative impact on who we are an how we live our lives.

Low emotions such as Anger, Fear, Hurt and Jealousy vibrate at low frequencies whilst Love, Joy and Happiness vibrate at higher frequencies

The question is what vibration are you mostly at and how does that make you feel?


What vibration do you want to be living at?

Your thoughts have a huge impact on your emotions, it’s really all about how you are feeling. There will be happenings in your life that may cause you to have strong feelings such as stress, anxiety, sadness, anger etc. and this will affect your body and your health. Your body will respond to how you are thinking, how you are feeling and how you act so by being aware of what these thoughts are can have massive impact on the Body & Mind connection.

So by learning to draw up your own energy from your lower three chakras, your survival chakras, to higher vibrations can help you to change and transform. Let me help you release the old and bring in the new, raise up your vibrations to truly Transform Your Life!


Who am I?

I’m Julie and I have been successfully helping clients to heal for many years now. I have also been speaking on local radio and holding workshops in Jersey, Channel Islands. I have a gift for healing, whether it be your emotional, mental or physical aspect of who you are and my mission is to empower you to take back control of your life so you can live a more fulfilled life – happier, lighter and with an open heart.

So let me help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

✓ Set those Foundations…
✓ Heal what needs to be healed…
✓ Discover who you are…
✓ Integrate into your life all that you have been taught…
✓ Transform Your Life…

Time to Transform Your Life!

In this 5 level Transform Your Life Programme, we start building the foundations of who and what you are, this is a really important level because you wouldn’t build a home with rocky foundations would you?

✓ 5 x 75 minute fully supported sessions with myself, Face to Face or online
✓ 2 x 30 minute complimentary sessions with me as needed to top up the support
✓ Starting at Foundation level, we work up to the Transformation level
✓ Each level is specifically designed around you
✓ WhatsApp and email support in between during work hours
✓ A confidential, safe and secure place to talk your emotions out
✓ Zoom options should you not be able to come to me
✓ You also get someone who is not easily shocked, who values honesty and integrity and above all else, I care and love helping you to heal and transform

So you can be rest assured that you can explore whatever it is you need to and it is 100% confidential.


What does the programme include?

The programme and its 5 levels are tailored to your own bespoke needs and requirements but can include the following:

Week 1 – Foundation Level, to explore you and your emotions and what healing might be required
Week 2 – Healing Level, to help remove negativity and past programming and balance out your chakra
Week 3 – Discovery Level, to explore who you are, your passions, your weaknesses and learning to take control
Week 4 – Integration Level, to show you how to integrate you into your life and exploring mindfulness
Week 5 – Transformation, say hello to the new you!

Are you ready to discover your true potential and Transform Your Life?

Don’t just take my word for it, read these testimonials from people who have taken the programme.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“The 5 week life transformation program was absolutely brutal but fantastic. You have to really engage with the program and fully trust it. Its helped me enormously with huge benefits to both my mental health as well as my physical health. The program showed me the way forward and released me from the shackles of the past. As I’m getting better myself the interactions with my family are becoming much healthier. It also equips you with tools and techniques to self-help. Julie is immense and awesome and I have no hesitation in recommending her work in the strongest possible way. Many thanks.”
– Marco

“The 5 week life transformation program has been very weird but good weird. Firstly I suffer allot from eye migraines, which can sometimes flatten me. However, going through the transformation program has really helped these and given me clarity of thought. My energy has become much more clearer and positive. This has helped with my wellbeing and my mental health. Also family life has improved immensely as my energy improved. Additionally, I had fear of being alone and in the dark, which our daughter also suffered from, however since the treatments we are both now ok. We have seen a significant improvement in a daughter’s confidence and she’s no long scare of the dark or being alone. She hasn’t called for us during the night as she used to due to being scared. Thank you Julie for the treatments and the tools that you have given me and the family to use in times of need.”
– Catia

“I first met Julie after a particularly stressful year in my life and was feeling especially tense and really struggling to calm my mind. After only my first session with Julie, I immediately noticed a positive change and felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. In the sessions which followed, I learnt to challenge my negative thoughts and ideas, to surmount my self-doubt and to recognise my triggers that can lead to a stressful spiral. Most importantly, Julie helped to put things into perspective for me. Sometimes it can be difficult to see clearly on your own, and that is why Julie’s help is so significant. I learnt a great deal, felt incredibly supported and I am very excited for the year ahead, as I know I can better deal with what life may throw in my direction.”
– Jasmine

“Julie is a truly amazing therapist, she puts you at ease, understands you and tailors each session for your needs. She brings you on a journey in order to find your true self. Julie has a remarkable talent and has enabled me to become a better version of myself. Thank you Julie.”
– AN

It’s time to Transform Your Life today!


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