Are you wishing to improve your life?


Well, my interactive Spiritual Healing Workshops are for you.

“Spiritual meaning Breath of Life”

Be in tune with your own body, learn to love yourself, feel the depth and inspiration held deep within your soul, feel totally transformed and confident in who you are, feel ready to move forward to enjoy your life.

The Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul connection is vital, for this is healing to the whole aspect of self. You cannot totally heal by healing one aspect alone, you must heal all, you must get right into the inner core of who you are.  And it is at this time that we walk with head held high, into our new reality.

So come, walk with me and let your spirit sing, let it respond to the song of your soul.

Workshops are held face to face in Jersey, Channel Islands or over Zoom, which is free to download.


*To feel free.
*To be clear about what you want from your life.
*To be aware of how your thoughts affect how you feel.
*Meditation can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.
*To be more in tune with who you are.
*To clear your personal space and release stagnant energy.
*To say NO and for it to be okay.
*To feel and hear how your body is communicating with you.
*Breathing can help you in times of stress.
*To activate your own healing system.
*To create the life YOU want to live

When you start to work on self, it is amazing what you can find out. It truly is a wonderful journey.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

“Thank you Julie for a lovely experience at your healing workshop on Sunday which was very well organized. This meditation came to me in need of healing of both my body and mind. I could feel and visualize the energy flowing through the chakras and grounding me to Mother Earth. I came away feeling calm, rejuvenated and with more clarity. Thank you for sharing.”
– Breeda

“Thank you so much for your Healing Workshop last Sunday. Not quite sure what I expected but the workshop exceeded my expectations. So very relaxing and informative. Just amazing. I certainly didn’t know I could meditate for 40 minutes!”
– Ana

“Thank you Julie for the amazing experience I have had through joining you at your Healing Workshop. My whole morning was wonderful – just what I needed. I came away feeling so calm, balanced and rested. I can’t wait to come again!”
– Jayne


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