This is part of an online workshop I do but I want to give you an insight into how beneficial it is when you really connect to your Fur Babies, whether alive or in spirit – Hope you enjoy it and that you and your fur babies connect on a much deeper level.

Whether they have passed over or are still alive – learning to connect with your animals is one of the most loving things you can do.

The official bit…

*Please note that under no circumstances is this information to be used instead of getting proper veterinary care to your animal.

*It is your soul responsibility to ensure that if you have any concerns with regards to your pet’s health, that you will seek professional help by a qualified vet in the first instance.

*You must always ensure that when connecting with the animal that you give this information to its human in a non-judgemental way.

*All rights reserved. No part of this workbook may be reproduced, changed, copied or transmitted, in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Julie Dryburgh.

With all that out the way, I am so excited that you are here to learn how to connect to your Pets.

This is something I am so passionate about; they really do love to be heard.

Julie X

Learning to trust your instincts – Intuition.

Let me first explain what I mean by connecting to our pets. It is a process of developing our intuition and establishing a rapport with our animals on a mind to mind level. It is a wonderful vibration to be at, once you are there you’ll never want to leave.

You see, all animals communicate their emotions, thoughts and feelings all the time, yes, all the time and they are sensitive to the physical and the mental states of YOU and the other humans around them. Fear, pain, anger, grief, envy, loneliness, boredom, abandonment, compassion, these emotions are not exclusive to humans, animals can take on these emotions too, so it’s very important to be aware of how you are feeling, because how you are feeling and thinking has a huge effect on them.

So, let’s say you are really annoyed from something that happened at work, and you keep thinking about it as you go home, it is now escalating into something more than it really should be, we have all been there. Now you open the door and your fur baby is there to greet you, now do you really think they aren’t going to feel what your feeling? Absolutely, so we need to let this go. Just look at them, really look at them, how do you think they feel, do you think they care about the day you’ve had, all they want is love, joy and kindness.

So if you ever feel like this, just see your fur baby in your mind before you open that door, in fact, the best way to deal with this is to let it all go the minute you leave the job, is it really that important, really?

Animals give us unconditional love, so next you feel peeved, let it go and just feel that love of your animal, feel it in your heart and SMILE…

Each of us has the ability to connect with our pets, all we need do is TRUST, open your heart, let your love blend with theirs and feel that connection, it’s so powerful.

So how do we do it?

Well there are a few different ways to connect but the first thing we must do is ASK, yes ask for their permission to connect, you see they might not wish to, yes it does happen so be mindful that this can happen and leave it for another time.

We can connect to our animals:

  • Through meditation
  • Telepathy
  • Using a photograph
  • Intuition
  • Using all senses

Let’s get started.

I said previously that we need to ask permission, now this may be a difficult one to start with as you may not hear a response, but you will get a feeling, you will just know.

How best to connect

  • Be in a quiet, calm environment
  • Have your animal on your lap (if it fits!)
  • Lie on the floor with them
  • Have them in the same room as you
  • If they are in another room, that’s okay, use your intention.
  • Relax and enjoy the moment

Meet my darling fur babies, Charlie & Gracie.

They just get so relaxed and so do I, it’s a beautiful moment of connectiveness, just wonderful.

The Process

Start with taking a deep breath and just imagine a beautiful golden light enveloping you and your pet. Become aware of your breath and just allow it to find its own rhythm, breathe slowly in and slowly out. Allow this beautiful light to flow all the way down to your feet and beyond and feel how connected you are. Expand that light to the room that you are in, then expand it to the whole of the place that you are in, now send this light outside and feel it expanding to the universe and beyond, allow this beautiful energy to expand and expand some more. Now bring your awareness back to self and to your animal.

Now send out a thought to them, that you wish to connect with them. Ask for their permission, this is very important that you ask for their permission, as they really may not wish to speak right now, it’s their choice, remember that.

We are going on the surmise that they have given us their permission, so sit with them in this beautiful healing light and blend with them, use all your senses and connect to them.

Now as you sit in peaceful calm, just ask a question, either out loud or in your head and wait for an answer. Trust what comes into your head, this may be difficult at first, but it does get easier the more times you do it, so do please have patience.

What QUESTIONS do you wish to ask?

Here are some questions you may ask to your pet who is alive…

  • Is there anything I can do to make you happier?
  • Do you like your bed, is it in the correct place for you?
  • Do you enjoy the food I give you?
  • What toys would you like?
  • What do you need?
  • Are you warm enough?
  • Do you enjoy your walks?
  • Is there anything else you need?
  • How can I help you with your noise sensitivity?
  • How best is it to help you when it gets near to Fireworks night?
  • Is there anything I can change to help you?

Here are some examples of the questions you may have to your pet in heaven…

  • How are you?
  • Do you know how much I miss you?
  • Are you happier now?
  • Are you alone?
  • Do you have other pooches to play with?
  • Is someone there taking care of you?…

The above are all examples of the questions that you may like to ask. Now I am not suggesting you barrage your pet with loads of questions in one hit as that would be too much, right! So, think about it this way, how would you like questions to be given to you, would you prefer a few questions, or a barrage of questions thrown at you where you don’t have time to think.

I know what I’d choose…


  • To gain a deeper understanding of your animal
  • Helps to eliminate stress, anxiety levels, etc.
  • Gain a closer bond to your pet
  • Helps to activate their own healing capability
  • Creates a magical understanding between the both of you
  • Helps to unblock their energy centres
  • Allows them a comfortable and beautiful transition to the rainbow bridge

Connecting with your animals, is both a privilege and an honour, we should not take this lightly.

The more you connect, the stronger the bond, now this is what I call being connected.

Always with us, in our heart, in our soul
I hope you love conneting to your fur babies like I do.

From my heart to yours.

Jules xx


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