Around 7 years of age, I used to feel and hear things, you know when the hairs stand up on your neck! Yes that was me, freaked me out so I shut it all down.

When I was about 18 years of age, I was drawn to anything alternative; such as Reiki, Angels, Tarot, Meditation, Mindfulness, Animal healing, Animal Communication, Mediumship, Psychic etc..And I loved learning about all this, it fascinated me, but it felt so right…

But it was when my darling pooch Liu Liu passed nearly 3 years ago that my whole life changed. Through my grief, came guidance from spirit that it was now time for me to learn about mediumship. I was then drawn to The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) and from there this opened up a whole new world to me.  The SNU is a fabulous training platform, you also get trained to a very high standard and I am so grateful to them for teaching me great ethics and a Code of Conduct to live by.

It hasn’t always been easy and it shouldn’t be  but I worked through all the challenges given to me and honestly there were a few! At times is has been very emotional, however every  step I took, every hurdle I overcame, every challenge that knocked me sideways was a test to see if I could stay focused on my path, and I did.

Everything and I mean everything that has happened in my life has always been about getting me to this point. Being a healer, a speaker and being the voice for both spirit and your pets is a beautiful gift to have and being able to give comfort to those left behind is truly a Divine Journey that I am so grateful to be on.

Your loved ones and pets have not ‘died’ they are just living their next life.