Every since I was young, I have always wanted to help people, it really is part of who I am.  I remember I was 8 years old and I would hear things around the house.  I remember hearing, you. know that sound when you pull a plug from it's socket, there was no one else in the room and I stood closer to where the sound came from and all the hairs on the back of my head stood up. That totally freaked me out. Unbeknown to me this was my Gift of mediumship, so this is when it started really.

Anything electrical I touched would stop working and I mean everything... mum would go nuts. Did I ever own up - nope don't think I did. Mum was strict, that's all I'm saying...

Around that same time Gran and I would go shopping. I loved going with her because I would always play this card game with the chap who worked there. He would always try to beat me but he never could. He would look at the cards and I would have to guess the card, all of it, the colour, the suit, the number - I was always right.. blooming 'ell when I think back to those days, all the signs were there.

Another time my dressing table started to dance in my bedroom. Seriously it started shaking, not violently or anything but moving quite a bit,😯 My gran's necklace was hung over the side mirror to the dressing table.

Could you imagine how freaked out that made me. I remember running downstairs to see if something was causing the dresser to vibrate. I stared at mum in the kitchen, there was only the washing machine, those big old things that were used in those days.

I couldn't speak, I then ran back upstairs. Knowing then that the dresser was moving of it's own accord, I grabbed the necklace and threw it away. The dresser stopped! I regret doing that now, because it was a lovely necklace, all bluey and pearly. But hey I was 9 and totally freaked out by a dancing dresser!!

At about 18, I started back on the path, by reading all things spiritual. You should see my book collection, you would know that this was my thing... I

've been getting stronger and stronger every day well especially since April when I lost my darling pooch, Liu Liu.

This is when things started to really catapult me forward in my mediumship and my healing.

I have soon found out from my gran, who comes to me in spirit tha the gift has been handed down from her to me. It just shows you that when you don't have awareness you can miss so many things that are happening. But I found the way and she still gives me a good kick up the Scottish bum, ensuring that I am using my gift to its' fullest.

I love the training, my heart just feels so full of love for doing this, so can't wait until I am on that platform working even more with spirit. So blooming exciting. Will keep you posted.

Huge Love