Angel Cards are a fantastic tool to help you through any crossroads that you may have in your life.

Angel Cards, what a buzz I get from doing readings. Not many people know I do this but they will 😉.

So what are Angel Cards?

Angel Cards have been used for centuries as a divination tool to tap into the angelic realm. These cards help in giving guidance and support in all aspects of people’s life.

A bit of History

The use of Angel cards can be traced back to the 19th century in France. The first Angel Card deck is said to have been developed by a Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (Madame Lenormand). Then in the latter half of the 20th century Angel cards began to spread and become quite popular.

Why I choose to use Angel Cards.

The reason I use Angel Cards and not tarot is because I relate more to the energy of Angel Cards. For me it is a lot softer and I just love the beautiful artistry which are on them. There are a whole variety of cards out there that you can use, usually 44 cards in a deck, with a picture and some wording on them. They energy from these cards are just so full of love. They are wonderful to use, you should try it.

These cards give very good accurate loving messaged but yes sometimes you may need a kick up the backside, but hey, who doesn’t. These angel messages provide encouragement, empowerment, love, an understanding of where your life is going, or should be… They help to give you a different perspective to your life, a way forward if you like, because sometimes, you really can’t see the woods for the trees!

What Happens?

Some people may get a little bit wary about readings but honestly, I have been giving loads of readings now over Zoom lately as that works really well, and the feedback I have been getting back has been really positive.

A short meditation to ground you before proceeding with the reading may be required before we start.

This is especially useful if you have just finished work. You will then be asked to close your eyes and think of a question or whatever it is that is on your mind. I then shuffle the cards and you tell me when to stop. We draw the first three cards, placing them left to right, representing present past, present now and present future. I then tune in and voila your messages start coming through.

If you wish you can continue to keep drawing the cards until your question/s have been answered within the time limit of your session.

You never know, we may even jump to another deck.

Tuning into the energy and receiving information is how I hear the messages. Which is why a reading with me will never be the same as a reading you have ever had before.

I really love giving readings, the energy I get just makes me feel so alive, so happy and relaxed. It truly is a magical feeling.

The readings are always and only ever for the positive benefit and always given with love.

So whether it is the fact that you need to use the Angel cards as a tool to help you through any crossroads in your life, or whether you are just curious about what they are, just get in touch, you won’t regret it.

Huge Love